After 4 years of caring and advocating for my late father’s care and well being, I’ve gained a lot of insights into how I can live life as authentically as I can. It has brought happiness and meaning, leading to my One Lush Life. A handful of friends have expressed to me how I have inspired and empowered them without realizing the impact, and so this new adventure begins, to make engaging, inspiring, and empowering others a more prominent life project.

“One Lush Life” has become a life passion, where I hope to continually help others to see the beauty in this world, to develop their skiils, share a few laughs, share growth as intelligent beings, provide mental/emotional support and build a new community of like-minded individuals.

Through this website I’ll share all things empowering, such as personal stories, photos, quotes, found articles, fun local events, and other finds, in hopes of inspiring you to add more lushness into your daily lives. I would love for each of us to get more connected with who we are individually, to be as authentic as can be, and to just be, happy. Hopefully each of our own growth will in turn build each of our communities of love while sharing our happiness with one another, thus enriching all our lives.

I look forward to meeting you one day. Here’s to a more meaningful life, your One Lush Life!

Carpe Diem,

August 2016

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For the Love of Birds

I’m truly amazed to reflect and realize that since we had a seed feeder out for the winter months to help out the local bird life, these birds, from House Finches, Song Sparrows, Chickadees, and Dark Eyed Juncos, have remained in our green space beyond our patio, now raising young.  I hear so much more […]

My Flower Mystery Solved!

Serendipitous discovery this weekend at my favourite local botanical garden, I discovered the name and type of plant of the flower I fell in love with and took a photo of while staying at this tiny little inn in Iceland 4.5 years ago. Such a happy find! AND, to know that I can grow this […]

Chasing Chickens

I assisted my father as a chicken farmer up until I graduated from college, I started at the 4 or 5 helping out, raising chickens from egg and down to helping to prep them as food. I learned at an early age to understand and appreciate the food we grew and raised, raising them with […]