After 4 years of caring and advocating for my late father’s care and well being, I’ve come to a lot of insights on how to live a life as authentically as I can. It has brought happiness and meaning, leading to my One Lush Life.

A handful of friends have shown me how I have inspired people without realizing, and so this new adventure begins, to make inspiring others a more prominent life project. This new project is inline with my passions, where I always hope to help others to see the beauty in this world, share a few laughs, share growth as intelligent beings, provide a bit of mental/emotional support and build a new community of likeminded individuals.

Onelushlife is where I share all things empowering and positivity engaging related such as personal writings, found articles, fun events, and other finds in hopes of inspiring readers to add more to their daily lives. My dream is for each of us to get more personal with who we are individually, to be as authentic as can be, and to just be. Hopefully each of our own growth will in turn build each of our communities of love and happiness, and enrich all our lives.
I look forward to meeting you one day, and share our life passions and stories. Here’s to a more meaningful life, you One Lush Life!
Kai xo

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