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Well. I don’t know if that statement will ring true to anyone else, and I hope I don’t offend anyone, but it just seems to be never ending as to the the hardships of seeing a parent suffer and be affected greatly by something that wouldn’t affect a normal young person.  I found out last Thursday through some of my own investigating that he seems to have a tooth infection or maybe cavity. Then through the motions of asking questions, I found out that the care home screwed up by not having sent off the authorization form which I signed 1.5 years ago, to get my dad dental attention! That having then been sorted out, a dentist is checking him out this Thursday, but I wonder if my dad had been suffering much longer than just the week or two, since, he’s been on low dosage pain killers since his back injury. He only mostly feels  pain in the early mornings due to his nigh time dosage having worn off.

Pain is only the minor concern here. The infection in my opinion is what is causing the change in his behaviour. I’ve been getting random calls at all hours of the night, and they are increasing steadily day by day, which says to me, he definitely must have an infection, as I read that infections can cause increased abnormal behaviour in alzheimer and dementia patients as it affects their brain.

This is what the average call I get is like… “KAISHIN! I HAVE NO FOOD TO EAT!!!! IT’S CHU WEIHSUANG!!!”  and the calls repeat, it only started over the weekend, and now it’s esculated to 8 calls between 3am to 7am this morning. I believe he’s asking for food to eat out of comfort, either the act of eating or feeling he’s taken care of, and sometimes because of true hunger, as sometimes he mind is tricking him in thinking he’s not hungry, when in fact he is. The mind is so darn tricky and yet delicate. I would have never guessed 2 years ago that an infection in the body could affect one’s sanity or cognitive abilities, but there you go.

You may wonder, why I don’t just take him asap to any dentist? He refuses doctors in most cases, esp ones that have no exp with Alzheimers and delusional dementia experience, since they don’t know how to interact and often say the wrong things and can be condescending in tone. So we wait, for the trained one to come… just two more days of erratic angry calls. Keeping fingers crossed.

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