new dimension to his reality. now there is ‘threat’ to the lives of the Chu family apparently, we are all being targetted to be assasinated. Wow. I had no idea how to respond to this one tonight when he called me at 12:30am. I can only think that he is worried about all of us, thus this is how his mind is processing this thought. I went with this and started to guide him calmly into discussion it further with me. managed to get into a pensive state of mind with him and we concluded that there was nothing that can be done and we all die at some point anyways and if that is our fate, so be it. He was calm and agreed with “yes, that is so, I believe it also. and yes let’s discuss it further when you visit next.” I’ve found that if I let him explain and help him to express his underlying concerns through his crazy reality. Often it relates back to his concern for his loved ones, for us to be taken care of, financially, or of concerns of our well being, life and death. That is his main motive behind all the illogical stories of his reality. When I can be calm enough to step back and just be the active listener and help him feel acknowledged on this thoughts and expression, he calms down, and I discuss his reality as if it is real, but I de-emphasize it, and it works wonders. It’s hard to do, because often I believe him as is and then my brain finds it illogical and then wants to ask real questions of a fake situation. It only leads to frustration on both sides and arguments really.

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