My dad recently injured him somehow, the cause is still a mystery, sustaining a compression fracture in his L2 vertebrae. It’s incredibly painful and agitating from what I can tell.

The care home misdiagnosed him a few times, and it took me doing a diagnosis myself of his back and spine to spot the problem and probe for an xray… which still needed someone else to concur with my suggestion to give the xray requisition. It’s incredibly frustrating how lack of good care provision can be. I am glad I can be there for my dad and be menacing parent so to speak, haha. but I find it emotionally draining.

Here my dad get’s to meet Ume for the 1st time, my younger sister’s dog. Ume is a shiba inu, and is quite nervous when away from her home and in strange places. Both of them need comfort so this was a rare moment she sat down to just chill with dad. my dad even napped with his hand on her head 🙂 This is what I call doggie human therapy 🙂

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