This week I invited a friend to go ‘For Me’ lingerie shopping. It was time again for us girls to empower ourselves with a little indulgent ‘me time’ to recharge ourselves in many ways.

When you take yourself lingerie shopping, finding something that is just for you, and not because it’s for a partner’s liking, it becomes all the more empowering. The process forces you to own your own body and beauty, as it is, not in the past or in the future. It opens your eyes and senses, and reconnects you to who you are.

My advice is to try on something you normally wouldn’t, the more the better. Even if it seems too expensive, and you have to force yourself to ignore the daily practical undergarments. This is about indulging yourself. And when you come across that lacy something that makes you feel extra sexy and/or turned on, get it. Treat yourself.

There’s something about wearing lingerie that makes you feel extra feminine underneath your clothing, even if you’re just wearing a Tee and jeans. I equate it to feeling like having secret power, and in a way, it is 😉

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