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2nd 14hrs day completed and survived 🙂 Solo facilitation of 5 teams of 4 jam participants. Phew!I’m so happy to have my feet up resting and soaking in the positive and fun progress of the Global Service Jam participants and hoping to wind down for the evening.  The day was filled laughter, enthusiasiam, frustrations, and playing. I got to educate, facilitate play and having fun, and coach teams through mental blocks. My only wish was that I would have liked to join in with a team to jam. Due to the flu bug going around Vancouver, I lost 3 of 3 drop in facilitators  to help me out, as well as a co-organiser, I needed to do 100% of the facilitation on my own… @_@I cannot wait to show you what the participants designed and prototyped, feeling very proud of them all 🙂

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