Friday One Card Draw

So here’s a new Friday morning habit I’d like to make happen for myself and share with readers. For those familiar with insight card decks such as tarot or medicine cards, you’ll be familiar with this. For those unfamiliar, these type of card decks can help to bring awareness and focus on what is going on in our busy lives. I don’t take what’s told from the card as truths or telling what is to come, but as insights to our inner feelings or processes going on in our lives. It facilitates my being present and reflect on my day or week, having an opportunity to have some self recognition for what worked well or didn’t work well, leading to growth.

Today I did my one-card draw and pulled the King of Pentacles. As you can see in the image, keywords are listed, and the little write up that accompanies it (I use to reference the cards) it below my post.

I found this card to hit the nail with what’s going on in my life and career right now, as I’ve been busily working on building my own consultancy as a Design Thinking/Empowerment Coach, Workshop Designer and Facilitator. Just mid week I had felt that things were coming together serendipitously and even commented that “the stars seem to be aligning”… I had a potential client contact me via LinkedIn last week, met some new folks who showed interest in what I had to offer this week, received a new 2 week workshop contract yesterday, AND talked to an acquaintance who I’ve met once or twice 8 years ago via LinkedIn and he was super enthusiastic about my services and wants to help and provide suggestions that would help me build my business.  Being an entrepreneur means doing everything yourself in the beginning, being enterprising, adept, and you must persevere steadily. This card was the card I needed to see, it prompted me to reflect on the great positives that took place within a two week period, that my hardwork and the stresses were worth it, and to start a blog post about it. I’ve been needing a little nudge to get my writing brain kick started up, as I’ve not been writing blog posts very regularly at all.

So to turn this over to you, perhaps this card might be insightful for you right now. If you find it resonates, take a moment and reflect. I’d love to hear your experiences and stories.


The personality of the King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He might as well be called King Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds). He finds opportunity everywhere and succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to. He is enterprising and adept. Whatever the task, he handles it competently, drawing on his wide range of skills and practical knowledge. He's a jack-of-all-trades - and master of all as well. He is always dependable and responsible. Others rely on him completely because he never fails them. He gives generously of his time and resources because he knows that by giving more, you receive more. He encourages others in their accomplishments and lends his support whenever it is needed. He has a steady and even temperament that adds an element of stability to any situation. When he has set a goal for himself, he pursues it with firm resolve until he's successful.
In readings, the King of Pentacles asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a comitment, fixing something that's broken, making money, or sponsoring a new enterprise. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as he does, or an atmosphere of steady, reliable competence. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.

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