Chasing Chickens

I assisted my father as a chicken farmer up until I graduated from college, I started at the 4 or 5 helping out, raising chickens from egg and down to helping to prep them as food. I learned at an early age to understand and appreciate the food we grew and raised, raising them with care and admiration.

My favorite thing was visiting the hens early in the morning and after they laid their eggs, I loved their relaxed chatter. To this day that sound still makes me smile and is a comfort to hear. If only I could share an audio file.

Picture here was taken by me at age 16, my first family of two kinds of chicken I helped to hatch and hand raise ☺️


It’s good to remember where we come from, and how we’ve grown up  I can also see that photography has grown to be a passion of mine, to share imagery and stories.

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