My Flower Mystery Solved!

Serendipitous discovery this weekend at my favourite local botanical garden, I discovered the name and type of plant of the flower I fell in love with and took a photo of while staying at this tiny little inn in Iceland 4.5 years ago. Such a happy find! AND, to know that I can grow this here, double joy!
White Bachelor’s Buttons ‘Flore Pleno’, Fair Maids of France, Fair Maids of Kent; Ranunculus Aconitifolius

White Bachelor’s Buttons ‘Flore Pleno’ – © Kaishin Chu / Onelushlife Photography

The inn owner had thought it was a sorrel flower/plant, but I knew it couldn’t be, based on the leaf shape. Mystery now solved 🙂 It’s actually a type of buttercup/crowsfoot, and from the Ranunculaceae Family/Ranunculus genus, I would have never guessed, but now it makes total sense! I love cuttings of popular varieties of Ranunculus or Persian Buttercups, or even the simple wildflower Buttercup – which I didn’t know belonged to the Ranunculus family as well.

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