I’m truly amazed to reflect and realize that since we had a seed feeder out for the winter months to help out the local bird life, these birds, from House Finches, Song Sparrows, Chickadees, and Dark Eyed Juncos, have remained in our green space beyond our patio, now raising young. 

I hear so much more bird song all throughout the day as they stay close to the nest, even hearing their babies grow up, especially at feeding time. Even our resident hummingbirds have accepted these birds, allowing the sharing of the patio space to visit at the same time (the male hummers would chase the birds away sometimes!)

This one winter feeder has formed a little community , in turn adding more life (nutrients, seed spreading, flower pollination), today large butterflies have been dancing through the flowering tree tops here even, never seen before. Though our seed feeder is removed once spring comes, as they can source their own food from nature with ease, they still visit our balcony often, a familiar safe haven to hang out at, look for spiders and small bugs to eat, look through my planters for nesting materials, and perch on the railing to sing.

*Photo is of one of our resident male Hummingbirds, when he’s in a curious mood, he hovers around the patio to check out our belongings and looks into our apartment through the patio door.

My heart feels so full from having realised this, as they create a symphony of nature sounds, above the traffic noise we hear all the time. So lovely.  Both my boyfriend and I will miss them as we begin our packing to move to a new home. We’ll be leaving a note for the future residents of our unit, to let them know of these lovely feathered neighbours, and how they could support them in our absence.

Remember to reach out to nature, treat them with respect and love, and you shall receive so much more in return. 


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