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A surprise visitor, a Red-Breasted Nuthatch.

I was out feeding the chickadees and surprised to have a couple of Red-breasted Nuthatches swoop in to feed from my hand as well. The pair was vocal while feeding, so it was a treat to hear them call and sing up close. One would swoop in, grab a seed it liked, fly back to the large conifer tree nearby to eat, then call, and swoop back in. Def. more dominant than both Black Capped and Chestnut-backed Chickadees as they gave way to the nuthatches. —— Early autumn brings young adult animals out to begin foraging in order to survive winter. Juvenile wildlife tend to be more bold and/or curious, making sighting them entertaining and fun.
Please remember to respect wildlife with how you choose to interact and treat their habitat. Be sure to consider if your actions may habituate them causing harm later on, after you leave their presence. —-
Best seeds to feed are Black Oil Sunflower with shells or shelled sunflower bird feed seeds, wholesome without seasoning or additives. I like to use with shells as it is most natural, where they would normally forage and do the work to unshell to eat the seed. .
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Photo taken at: Campbell Valley Park

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