N.A. Red Fox: Male – Salty

In spring of 2017, we went back to see if we could find Salty and observe his life in the wild, to see how he fared after a winter, possibly his first… We managed to spot him out hunting for rabbits and voles with a couple of hours. Later that day we saw his mate for the season, a beautiful vixen whom I nicknamed Bella.

I began to observe their personalities and body featured to help me better recognise/I’d them in the field and in photos.

Salty has a slightly rounder, shorter jaw, with his upper canines peeking through just a bit to make him look like he has a cute over bite. He likes to sit and watch people. His facial fur colouration is also distinctive, which helps to I’d from another red rox. A highly curious affable fox. He unfortunately will go up to cars where there are humans to look for handouts, which means people have been feeding them. I’ve seen him walk into the road waiting for cars to drive by… I worry for the day some doesn’t see him or gets spooked and it will incur or kill him.
No matter how many signage there are, a few people defy this for their own selfish reasons of feeling fun to feed or bait a fox for photo ops. Feeding them habituate them to not work hard to hunt and be well fed, wanting unhealthy human food, and being less afraid of humans and running into roadways, many young adult foxes have been killed on the road due this behaviour caused by humans.
Please think beyond your own moment of satisfaction, think about how your actions will change them and affect them and their safety.
North American Red Fox – Red morph
Sex: Male/Dog
Nickname: Salty
Age: approx 1-2 years of age, young adult
Character: chill, curious, & cheeky
Date: April 2017
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