#1 – Why did the fox cross the road?
#2 – to say ‘Hello, I’m here.’ ‘Will you feed me?’ ‘No?… Fine.’ and… ‘Letting you know who’s boss here.’
Down memory lane… Back to the day I first encountered a North American red fox whom I nicknamed ‘Salty’ back in 2016, and would come to observe him and his mates for the years that followed. It’s been a wonderful love affair to have the privilege to observe and understand their behaviours, habitat, struggles, and each to their characters.

He zeroed in on us and came right to us when we had not expected it as it was out first time observing foxes in the wild. Patience paid off. HE saw us. By the time we spotted his movement he was less than 30-40ft away. We stood very still, whispering our amazement that he seemed to be headed right towards us and waited. He checked us out from across the road, then hopped over the shirt fence and walked right in front of our parked car, where I was standing with the camera. He watched me while he crossed, then decided to show me whose territory it was, then hopped over the fence and proceeded towards folks further down who were barbecuing. We could only hope they didn’t feed or bait him.
North American Red Fox – Red morph
Sex: Male/Dog
Nickname: Salty
Age: approx 1-2 years of age, young adult
Character: chill, curious, & cheeky
Date: Sept 2016
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Photo taken at: Respect Wildlife International Alliance

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