Pic1: The faces of those who make up the annual gathering at Frenchman Coulee… ages range from 45 to 70+. The shared laughter, stories, and new experiences.
2: The ever windy trek over the Vantage Bridge
3: Dana, my fur friend
4: View from above the plateau down into Sunshine Gullies
5: View down onto Frenchman Coulee and the basin to the right where the camping area is. You can see my orange tent in the top right corner.
6: View from Frenchman Coulee over to the Columbia River basins, and see if you can spot the baby marmot on the rock nearby.
7: The morning after 18hrs of terrible winds, which also blasts silica along it (free facial micro dermabrasion anyone?), still gusting and storm clouds move in. We’re in a traffic jam, waiting for crews to clear the road debris from an earlier accident.
8: Snow fall on Snoqualmie Pass.
9: our rain set-up
10: Glorious sunshine and misty morning. And envying camper vans.
This trip’s experiences included a few firsts, such as seeing the landscape so lush as never before, seeing marmots up close and having their babies come out to hang out while we tested nearby, the crazy winds actually made us retreat back to the PNW and rain for the last night, witnessed the aftermath of what the wind gusts can do to a tractor trailer (unfortunately 2 lives were lost), encountering snow driving through the Snoqualmie Pass while making our way to camp out the last two nights in Birch Bay State Park, and camping through 12 hours straight of rain from noon till midnight… Awaking the next morning to sunshine.

I made a dog friend, Dana, whose family travelled from Creston, BC to climb. She’s a Aussie Shepard mix and she made her rounds with every campsite, choosing to hangout even longer during dinnertime, lol. She was so awesome though, very obedient as she followed my commands, and a food hound (no handouts from us) with a wagging nose! Too cute! .
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Photo taken at: Vantage, Washington

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