The abundance of flora from the cooler and wetter spring… Mother nature replenishes the landscape post wild fires from the year(s) before.

It was a beautiful contrast to see the new lush growth surrounding the black burnt trees left behind… For the first time in the many years I’ve done this annual trip, we saw lush green lawn-like grass growing! All the grass nibblers were enjoying the tender growth.

I had never expected in this climate to see mushroom growth, but they were plenty, esp. flourishing in thr small holes dug by either wild rabbits or marmots. The variety of lichen and in technicolour patterns were interesting and such eye candies. The wildlife was in abundance too… We’ve spotted at least 3 marmot dens with wee ones foraging, heard many coyotes with young ones yelping and howling at night. Had many a cute desert mice running our feet, including juvenile one which took their time to be curious. Otherwise plenty of mice, we also heard owls out hunting after the mouse came out at dark. Rich and abundant wildlife, a lovely contrast to two springs ago when it was so quiet, with very few wildlife sightings. So happy to have experienced this lush spring in an otherwise arid landscape.
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Photo taken at: Columbia River

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