We’ve officially begun our fostering duties in our search for our forever dog with @pbandchi . This is our first foster pup, Professor, and we have him for the next two weeks. We are helping him to decompress and adjust to life here in GVA, after having just made the long drive up this last weekend from California from @eastwoodranch.

He is part Finnish Spitz, and guessing Pomeranian as he does have the ear and leg fur wisps, and his temperament is not ‘eager to please.’ So after two days and a bit, we know this much about him:
🦊Does not respond to his name, Professor, at all. 😦
🦊Has an aloof and stubborn streak. Obedience training will be challenging it seems, as he’s already 3 yrs old.
🦊Yelps, not bark so far
🦊 Sheds a fair bit and needs brushing every other day, slickered once a week.
🦊He is sweet and gentle. A big needy cuddle bug, all through out the day. He’ll lay down on any part of you to pin you down.
🦊likes to play fetch and tug, he can get a bit over excited and paw. 🦊quite clingy for now. Needs to be near or have physical contact a lot, for reassurance perhaps
🦊likes to connect to contact via direct eye contact and physically attaching his head to us, no matter how awkward.lol.
🦊will choose to do the bum drag on the carpet, leaving skid marks 🤦🏻‍♀️💩
🦊has decent leash manners, and I’m further training to improve walking on one side
🦊a messy eater, likes to leave morsels on the ground for ‘maybe’ later
🦊not highly food-driven, hard to use treats to obedience train him.
🦊likes to head butt my right arm/hand so he can wedge himself under for hugs or pets.
🦊Don’t seem like he was crate trained, so I’m working on that with him.
🦊Previous owners prob didn’t do much of obedience training, nor consistent, leaving him to do what he wanted then he’d get reprimanded sometimes, inconsistent messages. He gives looks that expresses guilt and defiance at times when being told to do something.
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