A joyous week as I have officially adopted my foster-to-adopt dog, ‘Professor’. Officially he is named Fenley Tucker, Fen for short. #AdoptDontShop

Fenley has come a long way from when I first met him and brought him home 5.5 weeks ago. Working to recondition a traumatized rescue dog is truly rewarding, esp when there are the highs and lows of a rollercoaster experience. ……
🦊 Nicknames: Little fox, Mr Fenley, Bebe, Sweet Pea
🦊 approx 4 years of age, only neutered maybe 2 months ago.
🦊 Finnish Spitz mix breed
🦊 Rescued dog from California, twice rescued, first a high kill shelter, then a rescue ranch.
🦊 I’m allergic to him, 4 out 10, manageble. I have begun getting desentizing treatments to lower my sensitivities towards his saliva and body oils. 🦊He’s a bit scared of windy days with leaves tumbling by, traffic and big loud vehicles
🦊 Likes to go after rabbits and squirrels (we’re working on downgrading his reaction to them)
🦊 His body and fur smells like an alpaca sweater, clean and cozy.
🦊 His paws smell like Asian white rice when cooking, lol.
🦊 He loves to play fetch (so far indoors only) with his Beaver stuffy and his raw hide stick. 🦊 He loves turning over onto his back when resting beside or on us and raising his hind legs to have his inner thighs and belly scratched and rubbed by his humans.
🦊 He snores! Woken me up once in a while πŸ™‰
🦊 He burps loud for a small/med sized dog
🦊 He sleeps with his eyes half open sometimes when he’s in REM sleep, showing eye whites only (creepy)
🦊 He dreams and barks & runs in his sleep.
🦊 He is a low to medium shedding dog.
🦊 He loves to tuck his head under my arm for hugs & reassurance; Tucker was his first trial name because of this.
🦊 He allows for paw cleaning and a bum wipe after every walk as his longer fur catches debris and it helps to reduce his cooked rice smelling paws & his need to drag his bum on the carpets to clean πŸ˜…
🦊 He’s still a velcro dog with me which makes it hard to get things done but I love him fiercely ❀️
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