When I start to feel like I’m loosing focus on putting myself first and not being fully present for myself, a small thing that helps to refocus is bringing beauty into my life, a visual reminder to focus on being present to see what I find beautiful and meaningful, being kind and loving to myself.
I need reminders more often than I realise, having grown up without learning the importance of self love and care, to fight for your own love. I grew up learning only of the importance of taking care of others, anticipating their needs before they even know it. It’s become my superpower, but it was also my kryptonite, weakening me, as I would burn myself out, feeling the emptiness from not putting myself first, and not making sure that those who I let into my life were actually capable of reciprocating the love and care I deserved.
Here’s to learning and growing no matter what age. To be a thriving human is to be always curious and growing, a lifetime of lived experiences to allow us to grow.

Flowers remind me of how life is, have the will to thrive, too seek what you need to bloom big and beautiful, then gracefully and boldly live out the end poignantly. Choose to live the One Lush Life I have ❤️
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