Most relaxing weekend in a long time❣️ Gave mys3lr a haircut then napped lots yesterday. Extra long walk with Fen this morning, escaped rain, then went grocery shopping alone so I could take my time ( Fen did well alone for 2.5 hours!). I had lunch while watching hiking videos to gain knowledge of where I’d like to travel to to hike, how I might improve my pack weight and efficiency (minimalist yet comfortable) while living vicariously through some of my favorite YouTubers until global travel is recommended again, drink a homemade mocha and nibble on snacks. Also thinking about swapping out camera gear for beer lighter weight ones.

I’d really like to travel back to Japan and hike there now. Somewhere without predators bigger or more vicious than a fox out in the wild, I’m all in. It’s the risk factor of these that hold me back from solo trips. Being small in size means higher risk of being prey, lol.

If you’re interested in solitary hiking short films with beautifully captured scenery, I recommend watching Kraig Adams on YouTube, watch his more recent works as he’s maturing into a more zen inspired hiker. One of my favorite (maybe BC it was the first I saw) is a hike he did in Iceland, Hornstrandir. It reminded me of my solo trip, the poignant and awestruck beauty I experienced when I was on my own. It reawakened my wanderlust with hiking.
The arduous long hikes with changing terrain and environments reflect how life is like. At the end of life, I’d like to feel tired/well spent, a deep sense of gratitude along with amazement at the distance and the ups and downs I’ve experienced and accomplished.

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