It truly does. To grow is to have truly lived.
As I got older I realize more and more that I had the childhood assumption that ‘adults,’ those older than I, would be by default more mature or wiser. That perception kept getting challenged and shattered; these moments of realization are less jarring nowadays and brings me a new level of awareness and shift in perspective every time. It’s surprising to realize sometimes still, that so many still have yet to grow, even when opportunities are presented right in their faces.

Often I wonder about that sense of someone is an ‘old soul’, a comment/compliment I’ve received since teenage hood, if it’s due in part to that they/I’ve had the courage to grow up in every opportunity that life provided along the way… unafraid to fail to succeed, resiliency our life blood, tapping into our creative minds to be as curious and tenacious as we can be to navigate life and develop ourselves. All the growing up makes us seem like an old soul, no matter our true age.
Muster up the courage on a daily basis, it’s so worth it, it becomes innate, who you really are. <3

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