I used to have food blog filled with photos and recipes of mine. With the death of a relationship, it unfortunately was lost in the shuffle of seperation. It was one of my biggest pride and joys, and I hope to build it back up again as time permits. Currently the blog only contains the first edition of what was DashOfFood, when I had the blog via Blogger, before I switched over to WordPress and created DashOfFood 2.0. Feel free to take a browse, maybe there still is a kernel or two of goodness for some of you out there.

With the pros of technology, I did manage to use web caches to find some old posts that were still stored on the great big world of the web, so with time, I hope to have those cut and pasted back into dashoffood.com 3.0 sometime soon in the near future : )

Thank you for being supporters of my passions, by being readers and sharing feedback through the years. I hope to share with you for many more  years to come.

Bon Appetit!