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I find myself from time to time wondering about Bella’s (pic 1 & 3) fox kits when the seasons change or when we have more extreme weather… wondering if they are ok, wondering who will remain after this oncoming winter, wishing wellness for the mom too.
This little one we nicknamed Butch (short for the butcher) in pic 2 as he was the dominant one always grabbing the fresh kill it’s mother would bring back. It would run around with the bunny and then find one of the den holes to go into and stash it or gnaw into proper pieces, throwing out the non edible parts.

My last trip to observe them was towards end of July, and I only spotted Bella by her lonesome self, as pictured in 1 & 3, waiting by the roadside for both social interaction and to beg for food. If you ever see any foxes up close, please don’t feed them, don’t even bait them. A couple of her kits were found dead by this very area the week before, too curious and tempted by human intervention. The two had been struck by a car, as they must have been lingering and hadn’t learned the dangers of the road yet. I believe the pair to be the siblings whom were inseparable (pic 4, 5, 6), and it was a very sad realization to have, seeing and hearing about the impact some thoughtless humans had on these beautiful creatures

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The ‘POW’ and KungFu Girl

@benbolliger your gift made me laugh and smile. The ‘POW’ and KungFu Girl wine, and a beloved flower of mine… Amazing. You are one of the most thoughtful people I’ve had the privilege to know, you inspire me. Thank you so much!! So glad to have you as a collaborator with @servicedesignca @innov8collective and as a friend. xo


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Cheers!! 2nd 14hrs day completed and survived 🙂 Solo facilitation of 5 teams of 4 jam participants. Phew!

I’m so happy to have my feet up resting and soaking in the positive and fun progress of the Global Service Jam participants and hoping to wind down for the evening. The day was filled laughter, enthusiasiam, frustrations, and playing. I got to educate, facilitate play and having fun, and coach teams through mental blocks. My only wish was that I would have liked to join in with a team to jam. Due to the flu bug going around Vancouver, I lost 3 of 3 drop in facilitators to help me out, as well as a co-organiser, I needed to do 100% of the facilitation on my own… @_@

I cannot wait to show you what the participants designed and prototyped, feeling very proud of them all 🙂

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The hand that let go

I had problems falling asleep tonight (a rarity) so I decided to watch a couple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. In one of the episodes the analogy of someone letting go of your hand representing a sense of loss or not feeling needed anymore hit me square in the heart. Both my mother and father let go when I was 7-10, my mother whom I never saw again since the age of 10, my father came back into my life partially after the age of 15. Then a partner I had thought was committed for life let go suddenly after 9 years, and a few short years after, my father had let go fully, albeit against his own will with mental degeneration and death. The advice given in the story was that when the letting go happens, we get our own hands back, to do what we need or want. In the case of my ex and my father, I whole heartedly agree, you get past the loss to discover yourself again; however with case of my mother, it is a different scenario. I was a child, I still needed her. I was surprised to find again tonight, that the loss of her, the pain will always be a memory in my heart, it is and will likely always be a part of me. The memories, instantly brought back the ache in my heart and tears. Hopefully this grieving means another layer of healing…
I can never fully understand people that can’t commit to their responsibilities or duties, I know I am the way I am because of my experience with loss, and due to parents who didn’t understand or couldn’t uphold their sense of duty… I grew up to operate with a very strong sense of commitment and duty, for better or worse. #onelushlife