Hello from Granville Island!

Hello from Granville Island! Can you guess where I sat to do this sketch?

This morning I hopped over to GI to do some grocery shopping and enjoy a London Fog while I did this sketch on my iPad with Paper53. It took me a few minutes to focus, being able to ignore the growing foot traffic going by me, occasionally getting bumped in the head ( woes of being short), as well as the odd curious onlookers. I’m so glad I pushed myself to do this, feeling creatively satisfied 🙂

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From a few weekends ago, an outdoor fire pit to warm attendees of the Eagle Fest. It was a chilly day with wind chill to make it even colder. Thank goodness for this pit, the warmth, adding comraderie amongst strangers. The ambers were mesmerizing to look at… Do you get mesmerized by log fires too?

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