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Be forever curious to discover things you wouldn’t normally see/think/do, key to hone your & creative design skills.
I went on one of my “go discover” walks and found this beautiful old beached log with new growth at the end of it. The cracked splitting wood was so strikingly sculptural, had me wishing I could recreate this as a piece of art to be on a wall. I love how the decaying tree textures were emphasized by the lush green fern growth, a perfect collateral beauty example.
And a few other photos to capture “the beauty in small things” 😊
If you out this way, to see the many migratory birds and fowls have their pit stop here, see if you can discover this beauty yourself.
By the way, a friendly reminder to folks that this is a bird preserve, and so no dogs, not even on leash, are allowed inside this park. As migratory birds come through here all year round, please respect this space for them, allowing a safe haven. Thank you


We all can falter…

We all can falter and have not so great days where our mind is laden with work or worries. We loose our focus on what is important in the process of that, and easily get caught up in the negatives, whether it’s co-workers griping about something and we join in because it might feel good temporarily, or we are tired and go down that slippery slope of ‘woe is me’ or victim mentality. Today I’d like to remind us of the word FOCUS, and WHAT we CHOOSE to focus on sheds either light or darkness into our mind and lives.
#ThoughtFriday to carry you through the weekend in some mindful contemplation:

Do you choose to focus on all that you have or all the have nots? Putting focus on your HAVEs ties into being able to have gratitude, which supports being happy. I too had to remind myself today, and a little harder than usual, to focus on the HAVEs in my wonderful life. Somethings may not what I wanted them to be, yet, and it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t achieve them still and will 🙂 Sending you all love and light for the weekend! xo

2017 #Gratitude Jar project!! Think about all of your HAVEs and which are you grateful for?

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