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This image resonates with how I felt today, being on the inside, looking out into the space of time, of life. I’m sure that my having migraines the last few days has contributed to this feeling as well 😖
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My apologies for the lack of postings… I’ve been feeling uninspired lately and thus haven’t posted much. I’ve been going through a personal incubation period of sorts which can demand all of my energies till I emerge on the other side, lighter and hopefully more self enlightened. Those of you familiar with Thomas Moore’s writings will understand what I’m talking about


Love at first sighting.

Love at first sighting.
I was standing in the roundabout in front of the Pantheon, when I turned around, the view of La Tour Eiffel took my breath away. I hadn’t known that I would be able to see it from here.
Paris, Nov 2011

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Carpe diem and travel…

If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin. – Ivan Turgenev

Carpe diem and travel… From the Archives – My first time arrival in Paris, Aéroport International de Paris-Roissy Charles De Gaulle
Nov 11, 2011