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from when I lived in Zhuhai, China for just under a year, and this was one of the condominium common area pool. I had lived sitting at this bench to just absorb the view, despite there being a street just in behind it. So lush, my favorite colours

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📍Qina, Yunan, China. {4 pics}

A remote rice farming community nestled in between the Yunan mountains. I visited at the beginning of rice harvesting, photos here document the drying of bundled rice stalks, then when dried, the removal of grain with use of. Simple machine with a rotating correlated drum which helps to beat and pull the grains off. It looked so idyllic and romantic in a way, while it is back breaking work, from the repeatative work, scything, bundling bushels, set to dry, then harvesting the grains. Honest hard work, honest salt of the earth people.

The people there are diverse, a mix of upto 26 of the 50 something ethnic tribes of China, and are admirable examples of multiculturalism and coexistence. I found people there to be more accepting of others and are more laid back, gracious, hospitable, and spirited. Simply beautiful human beings.
I was fortunate enough to have been invited for a stay with family acquaintances, in their traditional home, given the best room, and they had so much empathy that they even had the shared communal outhouse of 5 households scrubbed down and bleached in preparation for our stay, as my bf at the time was deemed the foreigner’s foreigner, lol. I was so touched for their gestures and actions. More pics to follow in the days to come

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Spirited Away

Spirited Away.

The old town of Lijiang in Yunan province, China. Evening, Sept. 2008.

Every evening this ancient own on the mountain lights up house by house when dusk settles in. It’s magical to witness. My travel companion and I were lucky to have this view from our guestroom’s bedroom.

At the top is a temple with its pagoda all a glow.

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