Coffee Poops & Mugs?

It’s funny how basic human bodily functions can makes us laugh and even bring us together with feelings of camaraderie. This weekend Darren and I went Thrift Store shopping, part for fun and part for practicality, as I needed to find some dinnerware/serving utensils to repurpose. To our humour, we saw these giant 20oz mugs separately, I chucked and walked on. When Darren came upon them, of course he knew I’d get the funnies, brought it over to show me right away, and I of course suggested he should buy it to bring it to work or something, and of course preferably not keep it at home. Lol. And of course he did buy it, here’s a selfie D had with his new thrift store purchase, a 20oz. Coffee Makes Me Poop  mug:

New coffee mug. It’s all true. #coffeemakesmepoop #mugs #coffee #thriftstore

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