photo request

Dad actually requested to have his photo taken, specifically called me one day and asked me to bring proper camera in… though he didn’t really remember by the time I could make it over to take it. His facial features are more droopy now, also his eyes are a bit more vacant. He’s slowly getting a bit more lost.

He now calls me a little less each day, and most of the time he isn’t sure why he called, or can’t answer as to why. I ask him the usual, how he’s doing, what’s new, is there anything he needs, how he’s feeling, how was dinner, etc. Mostly he says ‘nothing’ ‘same old’ or he struggles silently to reply with him mumbling. This is the only gauge I can use to know how he’s doing. Bad days means he mumbles and his voice sounds it rugged and warped. It is really bittersweet, as his dementia slows down a bit or is watered down by the Alzheimer’s, I’m not sure, but it means he’s less frantic when he gets into his worrying state, so I relax a bit; while knowing we are all loosing him a bit more as he is fading.

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