Fear of Forgetting

dad called over 20 times today. 5-6 calls each batch in a 10-30 in period every few hours or so. I found out after talking to him in round about ways that he’s partially calling me so much because he’s afraid that he’ll forget my phone number or that he’ll forget how to call me. The brain is an amazing thing really. His dementia is offseting his ability to be fully aware and be upset with the onset of alzheimer’s I believe. I guess that’s the silver lining for this situation… I hope it to be true or that my intuition is correct.

the calls started at 6am or so, with “where’s my breakfast, they are going to starve me here” to “It must be the Grave cleaning festival for our ancestors” to “I need a sack of flour to bake bread” and of course most common, “are you coming over tonight?” 

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