It’s more work being petite ;)

Photo Caption: It’s more work being petite 😉 Sometimes people ask why I chose apparel design. It’s about making better fitting and functioning products for me. I’m petite, so it started off as a petite clothing collection. Since I wasn’t drawn to the fashion and trendy side of he business, it was only natural I veered into performance apparel where I could help to engineer fit and functionality.

Pictured here, a typical process of me making something fit and perform better. Smallest size shoes that fit can sometimes be long in the sole at the heel. With flip flops this is a hazard for others stepping on my shoe and tripping me, it has happened. So, I often cut and trim tram down when I can. Sharp cuttings tools and grades of sandpaper on wood help to reshape.
Photo taken at: One Lush Life

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