less pain, more delusion and degeneration

Had an ok visit today. Dad is getting his appetite back, now that his pain is better managed with a secondary pain killer, one that is applied as a sinus spray. The codine in the Tylenol3’s definitely was affecting him mentally, adding to the psychosis… and now that it’s worn off, he’s back to his ‘normal’ self. Ran into his friend who hadn’t visited for over 3 months (just back from Taiwan) and he was having disagreements with my dad as I came in. I had to ask that he stop and that I would speak to him outside, so that my dad wouldn’t have to sit there and hear his friend talk to me as if dad wasn’t there (this frustrates me to no end, the disrepect). He couldn’t cope and just let my dad be with dad’s new delusions and reality, and still speaks of how my dad needs to do this and that to get better in the mind. Sigh. Somedays I feel like an educator and protector, not only do I have patiences for my father and what we cope with on hand, but all of his connections  of people. most of which are elderly now too, but also his young ‘wife’.  On that topic, the nursing manager showed me an email that was sent to her by my dad’s ‘wife’, accusing the nursing staff based on info my father gave her. Good grief. She still refuses to learn and understand and hear what I try to inform her about his condition. I gave up on her months ago, not needing the agitation. She’s still trying to appeal her visa, even though she was rejected due to not having any money of her own and that my dad is not mentally (nor physically) competant to support her. Thank goodness PG & T is part of my support system, and I can pass this off to them. Hope to be meeting with them soon to discuss dad’s finances and what’s to come next.

The one thing the nursing mgr and I discussed was that it was probably time to disconnect my dad’s phone line, his one life line to family that is his. It’s a hard decision to make as he has been starting to call other family members randomly in the middle of the night, since I’ve turned my phone off onto silence when I go to sleep. I had to do this b/c he calls me too much. I understand his need, as he can be calmed by me, to feel and be heard, so his mind can be at rest afterwards. I was assured that the nurses have a cordless that we can call and they will leave the phone with the resident for duration of the call, or that he can just ask them to use the phone and they’d bring it. My one concern is that he won’t remember how to get a hold of the phone and would feel more lost. so hard…

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