Materials that inspire or play into the dementia mind

a relative of my father’s has been bringin him contains of Taiwanese pork floss lately. (On a side note, I’ve found that being observant of my father’s belongings and surrounds on every visit helps me with managing his dementia.) Ok. back to the pork floss. so only two hours after my visit with him, he has been calling me with urgency about the need for me to find the man with such and such name (brand name of the pork floss) and that he will have answers that will fix my dad and get him to Zhuhai China. Now, if I hadn’t been observant, this would have thrown me into a loop. haha. Luckily I was able to see where he was getting his info and ask non-challantly, why would pork floss man be of beneficial importance? My father says, “my guts says he will”. “Ok then.” I said. “I will mention this to the government officials and see if they can get a hold of some info.”  That satisfies my father’s requests, and he sounds satisfied and relaxed and he says “Thank you.” Remember, actively listen and acknowledge his requests wtihout having to promise anything. He feels heard and is satisfied. My father will no doubt be repeating this request a few times in the next few days, as if he’s requesting it for the first time. I let him request it, and will say, I’ve already put in my inquries. A week later it will be completely forgotten. 

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