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Good night New York & Brooklyn 🌃😴 It’s been one chilly day. Temps started off at 12C this morning and have dropped to -2C as of this moment. Then add in windy conditions, now more like a bit of a windstorm with our hotel window and door rattling. Brr!
Today’s tour by moi, Kai, took @cruseruser to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters, followed by Times Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, then Rockefeller Center. The winds really was chilling as it’s damp winds off the water. We decided to head back to the hotel around 8:30p and with D train delays, made it back in an hour. At least it was warm inside the subway station. Time for rest for the tender tootsies for another day of exploring and showing D around.

New Post

Photo taken at: Brooklyn Way Hotel, BW Premier Collection

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