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Meet Spike. He was a best friend to Harry. Having been rescued in his early years by Harry, he ended up with a life of daily adventures as he was able to go to work with his bff. Spike got to go everywhere, lived on a boat, and then a house. In his old age he suffered from dementia of sorts and would pace the house and deck repeatedly, but was fortunate enough to live out his old age at home, safe, and well loved. ⁣
⁣I had the fortune to meet Spike a couple of years ago, then again this year before his passing. His bff knew that Spike’s time left on this side of the rainbow bridge was limited, and so I wanted to do my ‘Loving Memories’ (end-of-life) photoshoot in preparation for the inevitable… which came this July 31st, 2019. According to the vet, it’s believed Spike had a big stroke in the wee hours while he slept beside his favorite human… it was a heartbreaking decision to let Spike go, a poignantly beautiful ending, to pass away while unconscious, peacefully. ⁣
⁣Our hearts ache for your bff and for your departure, Spike. We love you and miss you, Spike.⁣
⁣NIKON D7100⁣
⁣35.0 mm f/1.8⁣
⁣f/235mm ⁣
⁣ISO 400 ⁣
Photo Session: Loving Memories (End-of-life)
⁣Copyright: Kaishin Chu⁣ ⁣#inlovingmemory #endoflife #restinpeace #petlover #dog #jackrussellterrier #adoptedpet #rescuedog #love #sayinggoodbye #petphotgraphy #dogphotography #doglover #bestfriend #dogs⁣
⁣#onelushlife #cutedog

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