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I had heard that every year, one could find a Kildeer momma trying to hatch her eggs in the most inconvenience spot possible out at the Mission Raceways. Last year, I found that she had her nest out on the edge of the greenbelt of the racetracks, where it would be super loud and if any race accidents took place, she and her future hatchlings would be at huge risk. This year, she placed her nest underneath the fence that lay between the racer’s lot and the race track, still high traffic as race cars park by the fence with lots of foot traffic.

I observed her in the morning during race prep, then back in the afternoon after lunch. I saw her stressed and keeping a constant vigil as people had to do their thing in around the space she choose. Some turn workers had placed caution tape at the section of the fence she had her nest, but not everyone was mindful enough to notice… they’d walk by way too close and she’d be out of the nest chirping at the people with her wings flapping to defend her nest. It stressed me out observing the whole thing. I had a message relayed to the race volunteers that maybe they could put something physical surrendering her nest, that made sure people couldn’t accidentally come too close. Eventually someone found a large sign and placed it leaning over onto the fence. That did help to ease her anxiety, as she could finally step away form the nest to take her breaks to feed and such. Maybe it’s the same little momma, or maybe it’s her offspring carrying on the odd legacy of making a nest in the oddest spots, who knows, quirky, but always adorable to see. No one I know has seen the babes, but assuming they did hatch and perhaps were quickly moved elsewhere once they can walk.

Copyright: Kaishin Chu | OneLushLife

TAMRON 150-600mm F5-6.3
f/6.3600mm ISO 500 1/1600

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