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After a move, it’s nice when I can get art and photography onto the walls, it’s ties everything together, and breathes more life into my space.

This print of mine was a landscape oriented image, but since the only space it fits is having it vertical, I rotated it to see if it could work and it does! Thank goodness. The plus sides of abstract images, versatility❤️ Should you be interested in finding prints for your home, feel free to check out my website and store, or inquire about specific prints you’re looking for. Check out link in my bio.

Framed canvas print done through @CanvasPop in 2013, still looks great, been through 2 moves in 6 years. Great quality and service.

#artphotography #abstractart #macro #macrophotography #flora #chrysanthemums #pink #nikon #canvaspop #wallart #vancouver #photooftheday

Photo taken at: Onelushlife Studio

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