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So many moons ago. Turning the clock back 17 years to when I had the opportunity to live in Antigua for a few months. My bf at the time was working for a online casino company and was dispatched out there to set up the servers there. I was recovering from a job burnout and we had just moved in together not even a week before he had leave early.
I remember how surreal it felt to live there and having a chance to just relax and recharge, well mostly. I did end up working some afternoons at the BF’s office doing QA work, helping to review & correct programming code, since I had a knack for it, I had a good eye for details and patterns. Also, I did spend a good chunk of time immersing myself with the few locals I got to see on a weekly basis as they were staff the took care of the long term rentals we lived at, learning about them and their lives there. I learned a tiny bit of pigeon Patois then, loved learning languages.

This photo (good old film), I believe was taken at English Harbour, where private boats or yachts would dock for their supply run. It had a cafe shack that I had adored… A salty dog of an older Englishman ran it, two cafe tables inside and two outside, that was it. We’d often go for a drive after work to catch the sunset there while enjoying a cappuccino, or walk around to check out a newly docked mega yachts. 💙
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Photo taken at: Antigua Island

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