Special Moments

What normally would be a chore, such as cutting my dad’s hair, has now become a special time. With my dad’s onset of Alzheimer’s, he’s able to sit more quietly and calmly while I clip his hair. He always says he doesn’t need a haircut, but then goes and shaves it with his Gilette razor (what a mess), so I don’t ask, I just tell him what we are going to do, while having put a movie on TV. He sits for me, and while I run the clipper, I notice that he does take pleasure in the process… he moves his head like a cat or dog being massaged or combed. It’s kind of cute and sweet. After the trim, I give him a bit of a scalp massage and scratch his itchy skin with a comb, and then get him to apply some Gold Bond, so that he’s involved in the task and feels useful still. This was yesterday, and it was a good visit for both of us.

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