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many questions

I’m being asked many questions. So glad I could be here for the rare glimpse of clarity, to have the rare conversation with dad. Dementia and Alzheimer’s gave us a little break today. at New Vista Care Home

still worried

Dad had a bad fall yesterday, still worried he may have a fractured arm or elbow. #alzheimer #dementia (Taken with Instagram)

at the piano

He managed to hum along to Do-Re-Mi with me today. A good day.

a thought…

Heading out to see dad. Wonder if he’ll acknowledge CNY eve…

a thought

Hoping for a cooperating visit with dad today * fingers crossed* bringing lots of food 🙂

no smile to be had | hair cut + shave day


no smile to be had | hair cut + shave day on Flickr.

I can barely get him to smile nowadays. I used to be able to get him to smile post buzz cutting his hair, trying to charm him with how spiffy he looks and now the nurses will see how handsome he is without the scruff. But no reaction the last couple of weeks.

He’s loosing himself. His eyes droop and his eyes seem to be loosing colour. He’s more irritable as well. Even his long term memory is getting less and less. I know what’s to come, and I can accept it, but I still feel anxious and sad.