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Update to “Who Stands in Your Corner?”

Update to “Who Stands in Your Corner?”

Since I discovered my new found awareness around love and a person’s integrity level, which I accounted for in a post a couple of years ago, I have since found that special someone who loves as I do and has been there for me through both the sunny and dark days, as I have been for him. It’s a wonderful thing. Once you know what is important to you and how you need to be supported, you gain a shifted perspective on what to look for, then go out there and look for it. The better you understand yourself, both strength and weaknesses, the greater your chances are in finding what you seek.

Sending you love and light for your journey in this life.

Darren and Kai

We all can falter…

We all can falter…

We all can falter and have not so great days where our mind is laden with work or worries. We loose our focus on what is important in the process of that, and easily get caught up in the negatives, whether it’s co-workers griping about something and we join in because it might feel good temporarily, or we are tired and go down that slippery slope of ‘woe is me’ or victim mentality. Today I’d like to remind us of the word FOCUS, and WHAT we CHOOSE to focus on sheds either light or darkness into our mind and lives.
#ThoughtFriday to carry you through the weekend in some mindful contemplation:

Do you choose to focus on all that you have or all the have nots? Putting focus on your HAVEs ties into being able to have gratitude, which supports being happy. I too had to remind myself today, and a little harder than usual, to focus on the HAVEs in my wonderful life. Somethings may not what I wanted them to be, yet, and it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t achieve them still and will 🙂 Sending you all love and light for the weekend! xo

2017 #Gratitude Jar project!! Think about all of your HAVEs and which are you grateful for?


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The heart aches…

After many months, on and off, if not over a year in length, the challenge to get my dad’s medical conditions addressed has finally found some results. The recent tests has my father diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. Its a relief to know what he has been suffering with, and that he will be taken better care of and more appropriately. On the flip side I’m saddened by the outlook, another wave of grief has hit. It’s a bitter sweet discovery.

Inspiring work…

Food will give them physical nutrition, the love that you show will give them mental nutrition

  • words by Narayanan Krishnan, excerpt from a video about him. He inspires me.
  • That phrase resonated with me regarding caring for my father, or anyone who is elderly with dementia and alzheimer’s. When you show them love, they respond, despite being viewed as incapable. Give a little love, it does you and those around you good 🙂