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somedays a handful

Todays visit was to be more talking with dad, as his topics of calls have been more specifc, but when I got there I saw that I would have my hands full with some manual work. He had somehow stuffed leftover food down the toilet and it had over flooded his room. Quickly I moved what I could and aired out the room, then to get dad out of the room. Luckily I had brought dinner for him today and managed to get him out of there to eat  in the ‘visitor room’ and found a nurse to get a hold of housecleaning to do the clean up. After getting back, then it was a round of clean up by me, as someone only just mopped what he/she could see, and didn’t even do a secondary wipedown as far as I could tell, and since dad was also insistant that his bed was facing the ‘wrong’ way, I figured I might as well do everything at once. Furniture rearranged, my dad seems content, hopefully this keeps him happy for a while.

I noticed today that he has more of a stoop when he walks. His pain seems more managable this last week or two, so he’s getting up to walk more, which is excellent. Let’s hope his L2 heals well, so that it doesn’t give him too much troubles, and he can’t be taken off pain killers.

dementia induced trouble making

My visit with dad was an odd one today, he was restless and agitated, so much so that I didn’t trust being to close to him. His movements were confrontational and unpredictable. After yesterday’s troubles, I’m pushing for him to have his urine checked once again, as old ager with a bladder infection can become even more irrational and erratic in behaviour. Luckily my closest nurse ally was there so she will try hard to get the tests done, that’s if she can catch my dad at the right moment to even get his sample. Not an easy feat. With my being away, and not reachable, my dad’s behaviour changed, and he started to refuse medication, his antipsychotic drugs that help to calm his dementia so he can sleep just a little better at nights. Then he was fuelled on by his ‘wife’ that has been harassing my dad’s brother and myself as well. He actually got so agitated yesterday that he ransacked 4 other residents’ rooms, pull off picture frames, pulling out electrical plugs/wires, throwing things out. I found his room half empty of belongings today so it was less work to clean, but sad to see. It seems I will need to visit a bit more often this week to help coax him back on his meds and then start looking for a an Asian orientated care home closer to Vancouver, hoping a change will help him.  Today I learned that oldies can shed a heck of a lot of skin dandruff, and it gets everywhere, sort of grossing me out a bit while wiping it up with a wet cloth, as there is a smell to it. blech.. Need to get some swifter pads or bring a mask for the next cleaning I think. 

You know, my dad is only 5’4” and it’s amazing to see how much of a trouble maker he can be when his dementia is not being managed by medicine. now I know where my sister and I get that streak of mischief, more her than I though 😉 haha, just kidding A. Dementia brings out the extremes, somedays he’s incredibly sweet, something I never saw growing up, and other days he’s like a bull dog trapped in a chichuahua…