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Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

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It’s easier to be positive when you Surround yourself with, like minded, encouraging people!! #strongmind #strongbody #positive #fitlife #motivate #encourage #change

Finding the right brain engaging activity

a little significant life saver: knowledge network’s kids programing is within my dad’s mental capabilities thus he can actually follow and use his brain without frustrating him. For once he’s totally engaged, asked for his glasses for the first time in months, so that he can concentrate on watching. He’s learning and using other parts of his brain, makes me so happy!! Also, it’s so freakin’ adorable that he often asks me questions like a kid would, but in Mandarin regarding some English words that he no longer remembers or understand. “what’s ‘dinosaur’?” or he repeats what he has just comprehended to me, for me to confirm he got it right 🙂 What a breakthrough, I could cry for joy or go dance the night away. Happy Happy I am. 😀 

I’m going to recommend the nurses turn on the channel once daily around dinner time, just don’t ask, nonchalant like, so his dementia part of him won’t come back with the usual NO, even though he enjoys something. Keeping fingers crossed that this may work for a good while. Wish us luck!